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  • Start her Up: The Story Behind This Street-Style Moment

    Photo by Phil Oh for Vogue. 

    This image is one of my favorites from Fashion Month so far, mostly because the story behind it is just as good as the street style itself. I remember running into stylist Daphne Javitch, pictured here, the day it was shot in the midst of shows.  She was dressed super chicly, as always—but her poor hands were trembling from the cold. Few people understand the art of winter layering better than Vogue street style photographer Phil Oh, and the vintage bomber draped over her shoulders actually belongs to him.

    Oh’s eye for fashion is just as keen when it comes to his own wardrobe which is filled with interesting and cool things he’s picked up on the road. I’ve always secretly wanted to raid his closet, and at a recent dinner in London he caught me eyeballing his new Umit Benan suit—belted, pinstriped and just my size! And now I have designs on his collection of vintage Starter jackets.

    I know he’d have no qualms about loaning me the piece, but the idea of something borrowed can’t ever replace the rush of new ownership. Up until last fall, the Starter label had ceased to be, but thankfully now you can actually buy a handful of the old styles brand-new. Since I've lived in Brooklyn for over a decade, you’d think the first one I’d rush to buy would be the Nets jacket, and yet… I’m ashamed to say my allegiance to fashion always comes first. That bold Miami Heat typeface is cooler from whichever side you look at it.