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  • London’s Coolest Purveyors of Style Are Setting up Shop on the Same Chic and Discreet Street

    Photos coutesy of Mouki.

    I’m pretty familiar with the shopping lay of the land in London, but every now and again, a new fashion enclave pops up out of nowhere. Growing up in Fitzrovia, I always remember Chiltern Street as a sleepy row of Georgian buildings (in fact, a childhood friend lived in one of the tall apartments). So revisiting the block this past week was eye-opening to say the least. André Balazs’s new hotel on Chiltern Street, a beautiful converted fire station, hasn’t officially opened yet, but all of the chic parties were held there during Fashion Week. And there’s already plenty of stylish things happening within spitting distance: British heritage label Sunspel have a store here (J.W. Anderson recently designed a collection of T-shirt dresses, kilts, and sweaters for them), Tyler Brûlé’s Monocle Café, and a new boutique called Mouki, which opened last year.

    Japanese notebooks, Adieu shoes and Coral and Tusk cushion from Mouki. 

    Mouki was a dentist’s office in a former life and has a rabbit warren of little rooms filled with labels from all over the world, assembled by owner Maria Lemos. There’s definitely a traveler’s spirit in the selection of artisanal leather sandals by Italian label Henry Cuir, easy summer dresses by Californian eco-label Dosa, and Sacai Luck’s adorable broderie anglaise raincoats. I was surprised to find organic solid perfumes by beauty line Mox Botanicals flown in all the way from Portland, Oregon, of all places. Some of my best discoveries were in the basement, including Parisian shoe line Adieu, which makes really great loafers and brogues on a chunky sole. Lemos isn’t planning to launch an e-boutique anytime soon, and in a way, it’s a jewel-box of a store that’s best seen in living color.