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  • The Quest for a Cozier Fashion Week

    Photo: Ian Reid

    I’m not one to be a Debbie Downer but I do feel like I’ve started New York Fashion Week on the wrong foot. Last year I sprained my ankle after a clumsy episode with a Tracy Anderson video in my living room just days before the shows in Paris and this time around I injured my knee trying to master a tricky Pilates move with a resistance band; all of which leaves me wondering: Is the universe trying to tell me something?

     Well, it’s not exactly all doom and gloom. The fashion gods have been merciful, at least, in terms of the current mood towards a slouchier, cozier look. There is plenty of room in these wide-legged Dries Van Noten pants for my leg brace and my favorite Harbison coat has the snuggly, comfy parameters of a bathrobe—only far, far, far more luxurious. And given that most fashion editors have already come down off the death-defying platform heels of seasons past, my flat Chelsea boots are not at all out if step. I feel good about the overall effect (even Tommy Hilfiger remarked on how nice and cozy I looked at a recent preview of his new collection)—so at least I’ll be hobbling around the shows in style.