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  • Lupita Nyong'o and the Transformative Power of a Neatly Cropped ’Fro

    Lupita Nyong'o in Vogue, January 2014. 

    People tend to think of Afros in towering, halo-like proportions, but there are few who trully understand the power of a neatly cropped 'fro. It's probbaly why I haven’t quite taken my eyes off Lupita Nyong'o since she burst onto the scene last year. In an age when so many starlets favor fantasy Rapunzel-like tresses, there's something eye-opening and refreshing about hair that’s barely an inch deep.

    It’s been decades since I had the same 'do myself, although as a kid I spend most of the time stuffing my afro into a pair of tights, running around the house with long stockinged feet trailing down my back, imagining what it might be like to have hair that blows in the wind. Looking at Lupita makes me a little sad that I didn’t fully explore the myriad possibilities of an Afro when I had one. When she first appeared in the pages of Vogue back in November for example, she wore the classic rounded 'do, a stylish calling card straight off the bat. Fast-forward to that spellbinding red-carpet moment at the Globes in a Ralph Lauren, though, and she was already evolving the look, with a side part and very chic reimagining of the asymmetric Bobbi Brown Gumby. Then, a trim and a matter of days  later, at the Critic’s Choice Movie Awards, and she'd reinvented herself yet again—albeit in a very subtle way—with asculpted devil’s peak  to match the curvilinear line of a white Calvin Klein dress. More than just a pretty ’fro indeed.