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  • Blue Is the Warmest Color

    Designer Lyndsey Butler of Veda photographed by Ian Reid 

    As much as I like playing around with print and mashing up Crayola colors in the closet, there was a time in my mid-teens when all my clothes hung around the same bluesy note: navy sweatshirts, frayed indigo jeans, and not much besides. On a certain level, that monochrome uniform was weirdly comforting when my body was moving in weird and unfamiliar directions and, years later, I still have a big soft spot for an all-blue look (I fully endorse the idea of the Canadian tuxedo, for example). Léa Seydoux’s glowing cerulean mane is, as far as I’m concerned, as good a reason as any to watch Blue Is the Warmest Color.

    Film still from Blue is the Warmest Color

    Designer Lyndsey Butler of NYC label Veda dyed her hair blue earlier this summer, and when I showed up to see the spring collection last week, her signature biker jackets were swinging from the racks in shades of turquoise. Although I’ve dabbled in blue-black, my curls could never withstand the amount of bleach it would take to alter my color so dramatically, which is why I’m living vicariously through Lyndsey. Blue has been her favorite color since she was a kid. It’s her dad’s favorite too, so you could say it’s in the genes. She will look great in her turquoise leather jackets come spring, and if I were her, I would also take a look at the blues that are bubbling up for resort right now, like Alexander McQueen’s patchwork-denim suit or Marni’s ode to Yves Klein. The Row worked with denim this season, and its midi-length skirt looks best when it’s paired with cropped baby blue sweaters and a mess of matching blue hair. 

    Left to right: The Row Resort 2014, Marni Resort 2014 and Alexander McQueen Resort 2014. Photos courtesy of Vogue